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About Us

Bud Estis

26552 Gardners Chapel Rd

Andalusia, AL 36421



Blue Barn Natural Foods is a family farm.  

We’ve been gardening and growing our own food for almost 20 years.  We have been fans of  Mother Earth News and Rodale’s Organic Gardening since those magazines were printed on newsprint. We discovered that sustainable agricultural practices are possible even in a climate that favors heat, drought and pests.

There have been no pesticides, herbicides  or chemical fertilizers used on our farm for at least 12 years.  We’ve been here since 1998. The previous owners had the timber cut off  in 1994 and nothing was grown in the interim.

We’re careful to use seed that has not been genetically modified.  And we really prefer heirloom varieties suited to this climate.

Our chickens are fed certified-organic, soy-free, hormone-free feed that looks more like a yummy dry soup mix than chicken feed.  Our chickens have plenty of room to run and scratch for seeds and bugs. They are not crowded into a pen or raised in super-batches of 10,000. We raise a flock of about 100 birds every 8—12 weeks between  March and December.  Because of the limited quantity, advanced orders are strongly recommended. You’ll get a fresher product if you order before we process.

We are currently accepting orders for the August 15 flock.

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