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Price: $18.00


If you call and don’t get a human, please leave us a message, we will get back to you.  Email is probably the quickest  way to get a message to us, though!

Text Box: Chickens weigh approximately 4 pounds.   The birds are processed in an USDA  inspected facility, then vacuum sealed. This size chicken is great for roasting, baking or grilling. But they are most scrumptious when cooked in a rotisserie.


Price: $2.50/dozen


Farm eggs! Bright yellows and firm whites.  Our eggs are not 100% organic. The laying hens are fed mostly organic feeds, but they are treated to table scraps which are not always organic. 

Hen Eggs         

Price: $4.00/dozen


Text Box: Duck eggs are larger than hen eggs and have a softer texture. They are wonderful in baked goods and cakes really rise very nicely with duck eggs.  Ducks eat much the same diet as laying hens.

Duck Eggs

The Drought of ‘06 severely affected our summer season. Please check back in late September for late season lettuces, tomatoes, peppers, squash, collards, turnips and spinach.  Grown using sustainable organic methods. Naturally.  We will update the site accordingly.

Fruits and Vegetables in Season 

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